With the growth of DIY quantitative research tools, like Survey Monkey, some marketers have come to think of themselves as quantitative specialists. But quantitative research is a science and an art that requires significant expertise if sound business decisions are to be based on the outputs.

Moroka River Strategy has an expert understanding of quantitative techniques and issues. Sound quantitative research must take into account the right questions, to the right sample, through the right medium, using the right analysis. We understand sampling techniques, questionnaire design and using tools like SPSS and Q to undertake sophisticated analyses.

We have undertaken large-scale tracking studies, quantitative surveys optimised for mobile devices and delivered actionable results in customised formats including dashboards and segment allocator tools.

Quantitative Techniques

  • Probability and non-probability sample design
  • Survey instrument design
  • Multiple data collection methodologies
  • Choice modelling
  • Segmentation (including retrospective database tagging and segment allocator tools)
  • Sophisticated analyses